Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Johnny Cupcakes Junk Food Tour

Wassup, my peoples. This past weekend, my buddy Adnan and I went out to Santa Monica to catch Johnny Cupcakes on his Junk Food tour. He did a collabo with Junk Food, releasing limited shirts, prints, and pins while Junk Food handled the packaging design. It was an awesome pop-up shop event with awesome merch. Johnny was selling exclusives out of an ice cream truck and gave away free ice cream with purchases. As anyone that follows Johnny knows, he's a huge prankster. As I was being rung up for my purchases, I asked how many people have come to the truck actually asking for Ice Cream and sure enough, the people that were in line behind me asked for some frozen treats. Check out the pictures below snapped by my buddy Adnan. Enjoy!


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