Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Can't Control It!

Not too many words this time. Just artwork. Here's a Phoenix piece I did a while back. Done with col-erase and Copics. Hope you can dig it. Peace.


Monday, September 5, 2011

I Am Super 8 Bit

At long last, here's my post for my visit to the I Am Super 8 Bit gallery. I went about three weeks to a month ago. It was super awesome (haha get it?). At first impression, the gallery seemed fairly small, but that didn't mean it was short of artwork. The left and right walls were filled with awesome pieces of video game inspired artwork, different artists giving their different takes of video game characters, levels, and nostalgia. Down the middle were tables that were hanging from the ceiling. On them were art books by the various artists that contributed to the gallery along with video game merch that was created specifically for the event. Not only was there artwork on the walls, but there were sculptures, maquettes, and other different types of art. At the end of the first room, there was a door that led to an even larger room with even more artwork. It made me wish I was there for opening night. I won't spoil all the suprises, I'll just direct you to the pictures below. Enjoy!

Here's the outside of the gallery.

The interior of the first room.

Some of the amazing artwork that was displayed in the first room.

Ice Climbers!


I particularly liked this one a lot. It's the Van Gogh Terrace at Night, but depicted as one of those old school text RPG's, some of the first RPG's ever made.

The top piece was created with neon duct tape on wood. Awesome.

Custom, one of a kind, video game based beanies.

This is Link's!

This piece is a Zelda piece: Link vs. Gannon.

The Michael Jackson Power Glove!

A door to the girl's bathroom in the bigger room at the back.

They had a bunch of 3D pixelized art. This is Link's sword!

Epic Mario Brothers piece.

Super cool bob-omb metal model done in a kind of steam punk style.

A display created that was inspired by Sonic!

More pixelized 3D art: (if i'm not mistaken) the boomerang, the flute, and the candle.

The bow and arrow!

Very cool Zelda piece.

They had a Galaga machine hooked up to a giant projector so it displayed on the wall.

The backdoor exit from the big room.

On our way out, we saw this! A huge Atari joystick! And guess what? It actually works, the joystick itself and the button! There are AV cables so you can connect it to a TV. I'm guessing this was on full display on opening night.