Sunday, June 21, 2009

Laker Parade 2009

Yo yo yo!!! Check out the pictures from the Laker parade from this year! My cousins and I went and got into the colliseum. It was AWESOME. Hot...but AWESOME. The pictures are by my cousin, Jerry Eusebio. Check em' out!

100,000 People Total

50,000 to our Left

50,000 to our Right

Someone brought the Mamba!

My cousin, Eric and I

Our foam Championship Trophies

LA's favorite MVPuppet

And here come the Lakers!

My cousins and I, minus Jerry and Terence, walkin' out

My cousins and I, minus Jerry, hydrating

Awesome Kobe Mural

Next time I'll post artwork, I promise. Haha. Peace! Lakers!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UP Book Signing

What up, my good peeps. So the past weekend was AWESOME. Lakers closed out the series on Friday, woohoo!!! On Saturday, I went to the book signing of UP. Ronnie Del Carmen, one of my favorite story artists and the Story Supervisor and Lead Story Artist on UP, was there to sign books and release new ones of his own. I went with my cousin and saw some of my friends there. I nabbed The Art of Up, And There You Are by Ronnie, and Paper Biscuit 2 also by Ronnie. I got a chance to meet him and get all my books signed. He's super cool, and I got him to sign my UP book in Tagalog! The following day, my cousin and I went to go see the movie. It was AMAZING. Highly recommend it. See it. I give it, two thumbs UP!

Here are some pics of my weekend:

Walking to Nucleus.

Waiting in Line.

Checking out my books.


My cousin, Reggie.

Meeting Ronnie.