Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Laker Parade Pictures

Yo yo! Here are some pictures that I took while at the parade. I didn't take too many of the actual players because I was taking a video as they came by. But, these should give you an idea of how awesome it was. I know the pictures say otherwise, but it was pretty easy to get around this year. No traffic getting there, no traffic getting back. We were there around 5am and left at almost 1pm. Good stuff. Too lazy to put captions on all these pictures so just check them out. Until here!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers 2010 NBA Champions!!!

That's back to back baby!!! WooooHooooo!!! See you at the Parade!!! No art this time, ALL LAKERS!!! (but there will be art soon, promise, haha) GO LAKERS!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First 3D Post

Hello everyone! I know I forgot to post last month. Last month was especially hectic with my family in town and lots of other stuff. But, as a way to kind of make up for it, i'm doing my very first 3D post! Hahaha which is kind of weird because I've been doing 3D for a while now and I do it every day at work. Anyhow, we had a slow day at work today so I thought I would see if I remembered how to use Zbrush. Turns out I do! So here's what I came up with. First I quickly sketched out turnarounds of a bust of this Demon Monster dude. Then, I built the base mesh in Maya. Then, I went into Zbrush and started sculpting away! This was done in a few hours. I didn't take too much time on it. Anyway, hope you can dig it! Until here, peace!