Friday, December 31, 2010

"Your're a mean one..." Happy Holidays!!!

Happy holidays everyone! Sorry again for the lack of posting, but the last two months of the year are always so busy for me. Anyhow, I'll keep this one short. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope life has been as good to everyone else as it's been to me this year and I hope that it will continue to be good to each and every one of us. On to the post below, I decided to draw The Grinch. I apologize for the quality, I had to take a picture instead of scanning because I drew this one pretty big (13x13).I haven't drawn him yet, ever, and decided he'd be the perfect holiday character to draw (AND it was SUPER fun). I'm not finished with him yet, this is just step one. I'll be placing some vellum over him and doing an ink rendition of this piece as well. Usual materials used, green col-erase and Derwent graphite this time. The second step of this piece will be coming in the next few days, next year. Happy New Year everyone!



Go Lakers

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cut & Paste Los Angeles 2010

So, over the weekend, I went to this design event in Hollywood called "Cut & Paste". Awesome event. You can check out the website here, It was held at the Music Box theater. For those of you who aren't familiar, awesome venue. The art direction and design of the place itself was amazing to look at. I'll save trying to explain what it looked like and just direct you to the pictures I took below. Anyhow, Cut & Paste is a design contest. There's a 2D and 3D category. The artists were given 15 minutes to create a design based on a theme that was given to them beforehand, so they had a little time to prepare. They created their own assets on stage, most of them using photography, imported them onto their machine, and got to work. There were only four contestants at a time, that way we were able to see their workflow on giant projector screens above the stage. There were two heats and a finals round for the 2D category and one death match heat for the 3D category. It was really awesome and interesting to see other people's workflow. You realize what you really prefer as an artist, how your mind works as opposed to others, and most importantly that there is no wrong or right way to create art. Other than the amazing venue and the awesome event, it was open bar before and after the the actual event (which was ideal for the company I was with). Also, one of the sponsors that was there was Converse, and they were holding a contest. You sign up, grab a template of a Converse shoe, and start designing with the materials they had at the table. The winning shoe gets a limited line created. Initially, I wasn't going to participate. But, my cousin, genius as he is (heheheheh) told me to just draw his face on the shoe and it would win for sure. So I did. Check out the photo below. I'm actually half-pleased with how it turned out hahahah. I just wanted to draw it to have fun. In closing (I know... WORDY ass post... Brace yourself for a lot of pics too), this event was real live proof that ART TAKES TIME. Until next time.

Music Box Theater

My Cousins Jerry and Eric

The Bar

The Stage

Signing up and getting to work

Good music, waiting for the event to start

The first 2D Heat

Two 2D Judges (Bobby Hundreds, creator of Hundreds clothing, and Eric Nakamura, Co-Editor of Giant Robot)

3D Heat

The Crowd

2D Finals

2D Winner (Theme: Instructional Piece)

Runner Up (I was screaming up at the stage, "Cut is Command X!!! Not Command C!!! I didn't realize it until now (thanks to my cousin), but she got paste wrong also! It's Command V!!!)

Converse Competition - My Entry

Chuck, my drunk roommate's entry (LOL)

Entry Submission

Chillin' afterwards, Open Bar




Saturday, September 11, 2010

Many Faces of Jason Todd

Darnit, I was doing so well. I missed last month. Hopefully i'll be able to post twice this month as to kind of make up for it. Anyhow, I just saw Under the Red Hood recently, and it was awesome like most Batman animated movies. I did this piece mostly in photoshop. I sketched it out in photoshop, did some clean lines in flash, brought it back into photoshop and colored it up. It's Jason Todd as the Red Hood and as Hush. Hope you can dig it. Until' next time (which i hope will be soon). Peace!




Saturday, July 17, 2010

LA Bike Ride, Catching the White Rabbit

Yo! This is a picture I took with my phone while out on a ride in LA. We met up around 9pm on Vine. Then we biked all over LA pretty much and ended up at Hollywood and Vermont to eat at the Filipino Fusion Food Truck, the White Rabbit. The ride was AWESOME. And the food was FANTASTIC. Chicken Adobo burritos, Melon juice, etc. Gotta check it out if you get the chance. My bike is the only BMX there. Can you spot it??? Until here, artwork to come soon!




Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Laker Parade Pictures

Yo yo! Here are some pictures that I took while at the parade. I didn't take too many of the actual players because I was taking a video as they came by. But, these should give you an idea of how awesome it was. I know the pictures say otherwise, but it was pretty easy to get around this year. No traffic getting there, no traffic getting back. We were there around 5am and left at almost 1pm. Good stuff. Too lazy to put captions on all these pictures so just check them out. Until here!