Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Marker Sketches and a Laker Game

Hello, again. Here are more marker pieces from my sketchbook. Same mediums as last time. I'm running out of ink in my copics, have to remember to pick up some new ones. Did these while on break during Jury Duty which I'll be tied up in until March. Booooo...Anyhow, I'm also posting some pictures of my cousins and I at the previous Laker game (Lakers vs. Hornets). We won in overtime. AWESOME game. Enjoy!

My AWESOME Family and I

Left to Right: Cousins Terence, Eric, Reggie, and Myself

Left to Right: Cousins Eric, Terence, Myself, and Reggie

Lakers win in OT!!!

Reggie and I, Lakers for life

Eric and Reggie, Lakers for life

Eric and Terence, Eric: "Ariza for life!", Terence: "Sasha for life!"




Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marker Sketch Dump

Hello, hello, hello. I know it's been a while, but here are some marker pieces from my sketchbook. This time and from now on I will be adding a watermark to my work because a lot of artists I follow and know have been ripped off a lot for their work lately. Can't imagine anyone that would want to steal my artwork when there's so much better out there but hey, safety first! Anyhow, I did the Wolvie and Ang with Prisma tonals, but the Warrior dude I did with Copic tonals which I like using better. I also used white charcoal for the highlights. I tried to make these ones rather quick. 15-20 minutes a piece give or take. I'll be dumping some more soon from my sketchbook. I have jury duty (blah) like this whole month so I have A LOT of time to sketch. Things are great. And how about them Lakers huh?!?!? =D Woohoo! Just came off of beating Boston for the second time and today we beat the Cavaliers for the second time, snapping their at home winning streak for the season! Both without Bynum (hope he gets well VERY soon) and the latter without a 100% Kobe (get well soon Mamba)! It is GOOD to be a Laker fan. Til' here, Peace.